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Article: Must Have Items to Pack for Summer Intensives

Must Have Items to Pack for Summer Intensives

Going away or have a child going away to a dance summer intensive? We've got you! We have created a list of must haves to make sure you have everything you need for a comfortable stay away so all you have to worry about is learning and dancing!

Check out what's on our list, and tell us what your must haves are! We will also be putting together a dancing supplies list this week!

This post has affiliate links, and we may make commission if you buy a product off our list. (this is how we help pay for all things dance!)


This 6 layer cotton blanket is perfect for summer intensives. It's warm but breathable. It's cozy and perfect for packing without bring too bulky. Our daughter will use this for her intensive, then bring it home to put on her bed in her room. This comes in several colors, but she loves this pink.

Muslin Blankets

We love simple cotton sheets. These will go with our daughter to her intensive then come home to her bed in her room. Cotton is perfect for summer because it's breathable and not too hot.


We love these pillows! They are perfect for home and away! If there is one thing you bring to your summer intensive, make sure it's pillows! We were told places sell out quickly near summer intensive dorms.

Set of two pillows

We have towels at home, but we wanted our daughter to have a fun matching set of towels, wash clothes and hand towels. She uses the hand towels to wet her hair, so those will come in super handy. These are a fun set we loved in a blush pink color.


We swear by this mirror! Our girls use this at home, in hotels and at dance competitions! We will 100% be packing this for our daughter's SI this summer! (you can use 4 AAA batteries or charge with an included usb cord)


Everyone needs a personal lamp for reading in a dorm room! Use this handy little lamp so you don't disturb your roommate! It even has 3 modes of light.

Clip Lamp

Dorm life is so fun, but sharing a shower area can be challenging! Carry all your essentials in this mesh shower caddy and never forget anything! It's big enough for everything you need including a towel!

Mesh Shower Caddy

 Surge Protector Power Strip-10 ft Extension Cord

We were highly encouraged to bring an extension cord with extra plug ins for our daughter's dorm room. She can always use some extra plug ins!

Surge Protector Strip 

We will be bringing not one but two laundry hampers. So our girl can have one for clean clothes and one for dirty. And these fold! (and we take these to competitions as well for quick changes. We never lose anything because everything is kept in one spot.)

2 pack of collapsible laundry hampers

Summer Dance Journal

Our dancers always carry a journal in their dance bags for notes, feelings and corrections they are working on. This journal is perfect for dancers to reflect on how their SI is going, notes and so much more! What a great way to remember and journal their summer experience.


We love Post-It notes in our house! These are the perfect little sticky papers to write notes and communicate with others! You better believe we will be packing a lot of these for the 5 weeks!

Post-It Notes 6 pack

Lined Sticky Note Pads

Gel Pen Set for Journaling and Writing Letters

Do you need these? Absolutely YES! These are the best pens for smooth writing and drawing! They have smaller sets for less, be we love all the fun colors!

Pen Set

These folding travel hangers are simply genius! Not only do they take up less space than traditional hangers, they are durable and won't break! We are taking these this year to summer intensives, and we will continue to use them for dance competitions and conventions. We love the simple black ones with the clips for pants or bottoms, but they also come in colorful packs.

30 pack of portable hangers

Laundry Detergent

We love these laundry detergent sheets because not only are they great for the earth, they are easy to pack, and save a ton of space. Best of all, they are PRE-MEASURED, so no mess, you just pop 1/2-1 into the washer with your clothes, and let them do their work!

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets Laundry Detergent

Pack this fun stationary set with your student to have them write letters home! How fun would it be for them to write their friends, family and teachers how they're doing at their SI? (bonus, address and add a stamp on the envelopes so they'll be more likely to send some ;) )

Neutral Stationary Set

We LOVE LOVE LOVE these Woozoo fans! Our family has them in every single rooms in the house, and our daughter has one she uses in her college dorm room. They are compact, powerful and keep us cool all summer long! You can always use another brand, but these are our faves!

Woozoo Fan

Some dorms may provide a trash can for their summer students, but ours is asking us to bring one. Here is a simple and inexpensive one we found to bring for our daughter's room. 

Small trash can

These bags for moving are a GAME CHANGER! We have moved our college student to and from her college campus for 2 years now with these bags! We have even checked them onto planes, and all the contents have been safe. They are lightweight compared to suitcases so you can add more without worrying about going over the airline limit!

6 pack of Moving Bags

Card Games

Our family loves playing card games, and this is one of our faves! We LOVE playing Skip-Bo, so we will be packing these for her! We will probably also pack a deck of playing cards. Other games we also love is UNO and Phase 10.

Skip-Bo Card Game

UNO Card Game

Phase 10 Card Game

Playing Cards (2 pack)

Weather is always unpredictable! We are packing this durable umbrella to withstand all kinds of wind and rain. There are so many options, but this one will last long beyond intensives.

Compact Umbrella

We will be bringing a couple of airtight food storage containers just to store a few snacks. Our daughter will most likely eat mostly in the cafeteria, but snacks are always the best to have!

Rubbermaid Storage Container

Our daughter's summer intensive allows portable ice counter top ice makers. We haven't decided if we will be bringing one of these, but this one will be PERFECT if your student loves ice all the time in their water, or they ice their knees and feet after classes. (please make sure your SI allows this if you plan to buy one)

Ice Maker for counter


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