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Article: Jas & Jade's Dance Essentials

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Jas & Jade's Dance Essentials

Step into the dance class with confidence with our handpicked essentials! Get your groove on with comfortable and flexible dance shoes, stay stylish with breathable activewear, and accessorize with hair ties and dance bags to keep everything in place. Let's rock the dance floor with these class must-haves! 

*We are adding items daily, so check back often! 

**The following does contain affiliate links, but we only share things we personally LOVE and use!



We are obsessed with this three pack of tights! They are seamless and tagless and are convertible! They last forever, which is a MUST since we dance several days a week.

3 pack of tights

Hair nets for ballet buns

Pack of 120 brown hair nets

These hair nets are the best! They keep hairs in place for that perfect bun! We put these in every bag and every bathroom we have because we never know when we will need to put the girls' hair up into buns. (these are brown, but nets are available in other colors. I love these b/c they come with a lot of nets for a great price)

300 U Shaped Hair Pins (2.3 in)

I used to use regular bobby pins for buns, but these are a GAME CHANGER! We got gold, but they come in other colors. These work wonders for buns with the hair nets.

Dot 2 Dance Round Marley Portable Dance Floor

Dot 2 Dance Portable Dance Marley Floor

We LOVE our Dot 2 Dance portable dance floor! The girls can practice anywhere on it, at home or at a competition. It's the perfect place to practice turns, small moves and even en pointe.

Portable Wooden Ballet Barre

Freestanding Ballet Barre--USA Made

We love our ballet barre! The girls are able to practice anytime they want, and we bought a bag with it so we can travel with it if needed. We got the 5 foot wooden barre, but there are tons of options in colors and lengths.

5 in 1 stretching kit for athletes

5 in 1 Foam Roller & Stretching Set

My dancers LOVE their foam rollers and stretching tools! These are amazing for everyday use, especially after a long day of training.

2 pak of adjustable jump ropes for adults and kids

2 Pack of Jump Ropes

We have loved these two jump ropes for over a year now! They are great because the handle opens up and you can adjust the length by pulling the rope and knotting it shorter and cutting it off if needed. (we left the extra rope inside the handles to adjust longer as the girls get taller)


multi loop stretch band for yoga dance athletics

Multi Loop Stretch Band

My girls LOVE these bands to stretch with. The multi loops help adjust your stretching for beginners to advanced users. These are a must for every dancer! (we have 2 of these bands, one for home and one for the road) This also comes in the stretching kit above.

50 pairs of false eyelashes in different sizes

50 pairs of false eyelashes will last you the entire year, and maybe longer! The girls love these for all performances and competitions. They wear different sizes depending on their mood.

50 prs of eyelashes

We always need competition earrings. I love getting them in bulk so we can keep some at home and some in our dance bags. These are a great size at 15 mm.

4 Prs of Competition Earrings 

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