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Article: Things I'm Bringing to the Eras Tour

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Things I'm Bringing to the Eras Tour

I was lucky enough to score Taylor Swift tickets for the Denver date, and I'm taking my two youngest girls. I've been planning for months, and watching too many Tiktok videos to prep for this event. 

Here's a list of items I'll be bringing to the concert:

Friendship bead set, multicolors of beads and supplies

Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

I will be using these before the concert. We will be making fun friendship bracelets to wear and hopefully trade! We will be having a pre-concert party Thursday night listening to the set list and making bracelets. 

Clear Stadium Bag 12 inch by 12 inch by 6 inch

Stadium Approved Clear Bag with Handles

I will be carrying all my goodies in this bag to the concert. I double checked what types of bags were ok to bring in, and this is good to go for our stadium. (I actually got a 2 pack, one for me and one for the girls to share)

set of 2 Iphone charging battery packs

Pack of 2 Portable Chargers for my IPhone 

I am notorious for using my phone too much, and this day will be no exception. I know I'll need to charge my phone at least one time, so I'll need these. And of course I'll bring a spare in case someone in my party needs one. (I'm just nice like that)

12x25 mini binoculars

Mini Binoculars

We are high up in the stadium, so I will be bringing a pair of these binoculars. We need to see close up!

60 pairs of earplugs for concerts, sleeping all in a clear jar

Noise Reduction Ear Plugs

I've heard over and over to bring earplugs. I've never worn earplugs to a concert, but I feel they might help with the noise levels. This is just the cutest jar of fun colored plugs! I couldn't resist getting them.

Those are the main items I'll be bringing, but I'm hoping I can bring sealed bottles of water, a couple of snacks, a cord for my portable charger, ponchos in case it rains and some hand sanitizer.

**I am an Amazon affiliate, but I only tell you about the deals I LOVE!

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