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Article: Must Bring Items to Your Summer Intensive Part II

Must Bring Items to Your Summer Intensive Part II

Going away to a dance summer intensive? We've got MORE items for you to bring! These items are all things my daughter will be packing for her five weeks away.

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A lightweight bathrobe is a must for shared shower areas. This one is perfect and comes in a variety of colors. We are of course getting pink. This is a cotton waffle fabric robe.

Waffle Robe

Since she will be showering in a shared shower, we will be getting her shower shoes. These were inexpensive and made for a shower. They are available in a variety of colors, but again, we chose pink. They won't slip and have drain holes for water!

Shower Shoes

Our daughter always has a stretching band in her bag! So we bought this for her to take with her to her SI. She'll be able to stretch anytime she wants.

Stretching Band

This is a favorite in our house! This is another must in our dancer's bag. She will be bringing this along to her SI.

Foot Massage Ball

Every dancer needs bands to stretch and strengthen their muscles. These are essential for SI training.

Stretching & Resistance Band Set

Something else we love for recovery is this travel foam roller. This is used daily in our house. We have a normal size and this travel one to take when we travel to conventions and to SI's.

Travel Foam Roller

We have so many bun making materials in our house! We love these hair nets and u shaped hair pins. We will be getting more for our daughter's SI so she never runs out of supplies. These come in several colors to match any color of hair

Bun Making Supplies

We always need more hair and bobby pins! We will be stocking up for our daughter. We've purchased this brand before, and they hold up well!

U Shapes Bobby Pins

Our daughter has headphones, but we will be getting her these for her SI. They work well, and they are pretty inexpensive. They'll be perfect for her plane rides and for using in her room if she's watching her phone or iPad.

JBL Wireless Headphones in Pink 

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