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Article: JJ Chic Travels: My New Favorite Travel Hat

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JJ Chic Travels: My New Favorite Travel Hat

Last weekend I celebrated one of my closest friend's birthday in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys tasting wines and enjoying amazing food! It was my first time in California's wine country, and it exceeded my expectations. From the views, the wine, the food and the shopping, I was in heaven!

We decided of course to wear floral dresses and fun sun hats while discovering the wineries and vineyards, so I had to find a sun hat that I could pack easily in my carry on suitcase. It took a bit of research, but I found it! (and I may have purchased 2 different colors) This hat traveled perfectly in the bottom of my suitcase, and I easily reshaped it to look fabulous! It comes with straps to stay on your head, but I decided to cut them out. ( you can easily tuck them into the hat, but I didn't want to deal with it)

I got the large/xl size in this hat, and it fit me perfectly! And my head is pretty average size. I read several reviews before purchasing, and most buyers found the l/xl the best fit. Bonus of this hat? It has UPF50+ sun protection!

If you are looking for a hat that isn't too big, but still is stylish and travels well, THIS IS THE HAT FOR YOU! And it comes in several color combos to match whatever your color preference. I purchased the cream band and the black band to match any of my brown or black outfits, and everything in between. The colored fabric isn't easily removable, so make sure to know what color you wear most often.

Find this fabulous hat here.

Like my sunglasses? Find them here.

And you know my dress is from JJ Chic

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